Treasure in North Walsham

Aylsham Rotary Club, descend upon their unsuspecting neighboring town. Their mission? A walking 'treasure' hunt that promised more hilarity than hidden riches.

North Walsham Treasure



CROSS ROAD LEFT AND FOLLOW ALLEY WAY: What’;s over Horatio’s left shoulder?

Residents of North Walsham are known for their local knowledge, but Aylsham Rotary Club, a group of folks whose members include North Walsham residents,  was about to put their expertise to the test in the most entertaining way possible.

On a fateful Thursday, the 17th of August, the Aylsham Rotary Club, decided to descend upon their unsuspecting neighboring town. Their mission? A walking 'treasure' hunt that promised more hilarity than hidden riches.

The adventure began at the Vicarage Road car park. From there, they embarked on a journey that wound along past the all-seeing Lidl. But the true twist in this tale came somewhere around the post office when Team Les acquired an unexpected addition to their squad – a GCSE student. This curious young lady had just completed her exams and was out enjoying a warm summer evening when she stumbled upon the spectacle.

Picture it: a group of five teams, each consisting of four adults, pacing up and down, looking up, looking under, and generally behaving like a bunch of merry treasure hunters. The young student couldn't resist the allure of this lively procession and decided to tag along, determined to unravel the mystery of what this frolicking was all about.

With their newfound member in tow, Team Les headed over to Park Lane (Monopoly Board – dark blue - £350), up Aylsham Road, past Shambles. Ah, Shambles! It's where two members of Team Les were momentarily lost in a passionate quest for a different kind of treasure, firmly believing it resided at the bar. Meanwhile, the GCSE student vanished as quickly as she had appeared, perhaps deciding that her exams had prepared her for many things but not for this level of intrigue.

Team Les, eventually rejoined by the bar treasure hunters, continued their escapade into the market place and around the Church. But then, just as they were about to declare victory, Ian, the organizer, had to call time on Team Les. Why, you ask? Well, they were so engrossed in exploring every possible answer that they were in danger of still searching for clues by iPhone torchlight at the stroke of midnight. It seems the thrill of the hunt had taken over their rational minds!

Back at Shambles, the answer papers were exchanged over dinner, a spectacle surely as entertaining as the hunt itself. They were on a mission to confirm the winning team, who would earn the coveted prize of XXXX (unfortunately, it's a treasure we can't reveal).

This quirky walking treasure hunt, masterminded by club member Ian Stevenson and his wife Barbara, is just one of the many fun events the club enjoys once a month. Previous escapades have included an evening of Petanque, a visit to Langham Dome, and even plans for upcoming visits to the Cromer End Pier Show and Gunton Park Water Powered Sawmill. These folks certainly know how to have a good time!

But it's not all fun and games for the Aylsham Rotary Club. In between the laughter, they are dedicated to raising money for good causes both locally and around the world. They've recently volunteered their time at the Aylsham show ticket kiosk and have an exciting Quiz Night scheduled for the 14th of October at 7:00 pm in Aylsham Town Hall, open to the public. 

Ayslam Rotary Club should be named Aylsham, Broadland, and North Norfolk Rotary Club, as they welcome members from the entire region. So, whether you're itching to put together a quiz team for 14 October or just want to learn more about their antics, contact them through their website at, Facebook, or Instagram. 

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