International Services

This Group is Headed by John Bowden PHF

International Services sub-pages:

President Iryna Odytsova from Rotary Club of Dnipro Novyi meets Brit Valley's President Elect John Riley

Cataract Operations in Ukraine

more Brit Valley Rotary with help from local rotary clubs fund cataract operations in Dnipro Novyi Ukraine

Shelter Box

more Brit Valley Rotary sends two further Shelter Boxes in January 2024

Brit Valley Rotary funded the Busaakala Namaswa Borehole to provide clean water

Busaakala Namaswa Borehole

more Rehabilitated by THE BUSOGA TRUST

Rotarian Philip Dixon in Africa

more Our member Philip Dixon is currently working in Africa to set up a milk factory see blog for details.

Rotarian Phillip Dixon in Africa

more Philip Dixon is in Africa working on setting up a new milk factory and is maintain his connection with the club until he returns,

Selbie makes her donation to Rotarian Eric Dunford for Shelter Box to help those impacted by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean

Collection for Shelter Box

more Selbie makes her donation to Rotarian Eric Dunford