District Governor

Graeme Archibald PHF

District Treasurer

Sandra Ross

Assistant Governor

John Fraser PHF

Assistant Governor

Michael Kiely

Assistant Governor

Isobel Clifford PHF

Assistant Governor

Donald Miller

Assistant Governor

Alistair Spowage PHF

Assistant Governor

John Holme PHF

Assistant Governor

Heather Stuart PHF

Assistant Governor

Bill Ross PHF

Assistant Governor

Alistair Farquhar

Rotary Foundation Team Leader

Carol Stewart PHF

International Service Team Leader

Ewen Hatchwell PHF

Youth Service Team Leader

Sheena MacGillivray

Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG)

Roddy Duncan MPHF

District Governor Elect (DGE)

Ian Dow PHF

District Governor Nominee (DGN)

Alistair McNair

Safeguarding Officer

Alistair Robb

Environment Officer

Malc Rooney PHF


John Minhinick PHF


Sandy Ritchie PHF


Ken McLennan

Leadership Development & Training

Brian Stewart


Jim Houston MPHF

Community Team Leader

Iain Jamieson PHF

Vocational Team Leader

Iain Jamieson PHF

Membership Database Officer

Christie Robb

Health & Safety

Michael Halley PHF

District Rotary Shoebox Coordinator

Ron McKail PHF

District Euroscola Coordinator

Jim Houston MPHF

Conference Registrar

Michelle Anderson

Conference Secretary

Ian Gerrie PHF

Conference Treasurer

Sandra Ross

District Young Writer

Donald Stewart

District Young Photographer

Donald Stewart

District RYLA male camp leader

Gavin Mackenzie

District RYLA female camp leader

Sheena MacGillivray

District Learning and Development Chair

Brian Stewart

District Vocational Training Team Officer

John Calder

District Data Protection Officer

David Macdonald

District Fellowship Chairman

Keith Hopkins PHF

Stewardship Officer

Arthur Griffiths

District Social Media Expert

David Robertson

Club Visioning (South)

Jim Houston MPHF

Senior Webmentor

Jim Henderson PHF

Conference Sound

Michael Halley PHF

District Digest Editor

John Minhinick PHF

District Primary Schools Quiz Co-ordinator

Sheena MacGillivray

Rotary GO Champion

Martin Forster

Conference Chief Steward

Scott Dryburgh PHF

District Gavel Competition Coordinator

Bill Wood PHF

RotaKids & Interact Areas 1 & 2

Alistair Risk MPHF

RotaKids & Interact Areas 3,4,5

Anne Forster PHF

Rotary Club Central Support Officer

Henry Riddoch PHF

Assistant District Treasurer

David Cruickshank MPHF

Alumni Officer

John Milne


Linda Bolger

Youth Exchange Officer

Iain Gow

Equality & Diversity

Alistair Robb

End Polio Now

Janet Lowe MPHF

Youth competitions

Ann Mitchell MPHF

Conference Chair 2018

John Johnstone

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Where to find the membership information you need


With the current lock-down we see an increasing use of online meetings and in this section we hope to both encourage its use and dispel many fears.


Information for Club Officers


The magazine of Rotary District 1010 Scotland North


News from around the District and just a few tools.


District Council, District Assembly & District Conference


Local events with a National interest


Friendships are made in Rotary


Belonging to a Rotary club provides members with an opportunity to make a contribution to their own communities and to communities around the world.


The Rotary Foundation: Rotary's own Charity


District management, support and compliance


Rotarians are involved in many activities in their local community


Rotarians support overseas projects