Rotarians sample Youth Sailing Project

Rotarians from Pickering, Malton & Norton and Thirsk were crew on the James Cook sail training boat over the weekend of 5th / 6th September

Rotary in 1040 booked the boat for two weeks of sailing  in August / September with the middle weekend affording Rotarians to opportunity see what the project was able to offer the young people selected & sponsored by Rotary clubs.
The Rotary youth sailing weeks are a development of the long standing partnership between Rotary and The Ocean Youth Trust (North East) based in North Shields.
Rotary clubs across 1040 have for many years supported the Ocean Youth Trust but this year look the initiative led by project officer Graham Archer (President of Harrogate club) to book two dedicated weeks on which all 12 young sailors each week have been selected and sponsored by local Rotary clubs.
It's a wonderful project which is capable of further development and integration into the district youth opportunities programme for years ahead.
A full report with pictures will follow on each sailing week.