District Conference 2014 review and videos

District Conference 2014 Videos

"Ordinary People doing Extraordinary things" the conference that will not be forgotten! Click below to see videos (or scroll to below the table). Click here for awards.

Compilation of whole of Conference weekend (9 mins) click here
Friday Afternoon 28th February  
"Frank starts to Talk", Past RI President Frank Devlyn from Mexico, representing RI President Ron Burton (11 mins) click here
"Rotary Stories" presented by Radio Cornwall presenter David White and Naomi Hahn (58 mins)  click here
"What's it Worth" hilarious valuation by leading auctioneer David Lay (50 mins) click here
"This is Your Life" shock for Rtn Norman Proctor MBE presented by Rtn Graham Renwick (61 mins) click here
Saturday 1st March  
"RIBI President Nan McCreadie", meet our first "woman" President ! (12 mins) click here
"The World Beneath the Waves" stunning presentation by scientist and author Rtn Gloria Barnett (32 mins) click here
"Right To Play" by ultra runner and international speaker Rtn Martin Parnell from Canada (38 mins) click here
"Lostwithiel Rotary Choir Flash Mob", expect the unexpected from Lostwithiel (10 mins) click here
"Frank Talks": Past RI President Frank Devlyn from Mexico talks "Rotary" like nobody else can (12 mins) soon
"Polio" by some of our most talented Youth Speaks youngsters. Now broadcast across the world click here
"District Youth Speaks Junior Final". Brilliant. What will you be doing on 28th July? (70 mins) click here
Awards presentation (19 mins) click here
Dancing to Point Blank - embarrassing? (9 mins) click here
Sunday 2nd March  
"Musical Entertainment" provided by students: Steel Roses steel band and Charlie Hodge xylophonist (15 mins) click here
"Themed Party Boxes" for life limited youngsters at the Childrens' Hospice, by Rtn Carol Lay (7 mins) click here
"Inner Wheel" by District 129 Inner Wheel Chair Val Pascoe (22 mins) click here
"Rotary Question Time" with RIBI President Nan McCreadie, PRIP Frank Devlyn and DG Stephen (25 mins) click here
"That Awkward Age", it does not get better than this: 22 yr old Lydia Slack (27 mins) click here
Inner Wheel / Rotary Lunch (4 mins) click here



















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