Health & Safety

The Rotary GB&I health and safety policy and guidance book has been printed and has been placed on Rotary GB&I web site as a Free Down Load for any club or Rotarian to access and use.   Printed copies have been sent out in the November club mailing from Rotary GB&I. Every Club will receive a printed copy during November.
The emphasis of the policy and guidance is very much directed to the application of common sense and the use of simple risk assessments in order to try and ensure that activities continue to take place safely.  It is very important to recognize that over reaction is as dangerous as complacency both of which have been fuelled by stories which may have just a shred of truth but are so often 99% fabrication.  This view has been repeatedly voiced by senior officials of the HSE and has now been repeated by the Chief Executive of ROSPA.  So Please carry on organizing and running Rotary Activities safely and do not be deterred by what are so often wild stories.
If you need further copies of the  Rotary GB&I H&S booklet these can be obtained from the ROSS shop at Rotary GB&I office in Alcester.

A copy of the Rotary GB&I H&S booklet is available for download in PDF format.