What do we do internationally? 
We support families and communities throughout the world in many ways: 

Disaster Response
The Immediate need in earthquakes, floods and other situations is for, shelter and clean 
drinking water. Rotary continues to support a number of box projects as follows:
· ShelterBox – 
· AquaBox – 
· Water Survival Box -
· Disaster Aid UK, -
· Life Straws - - individual drinking straw

Long Term Sustainable Relief 
· Trade Boxes –   - boxes for all trades including builder, mechanic, carpenter,         seamstress.
· Literacy in a Box –
· Rotary Shoe Boxes – 
· Rotary Disaster Recovery Trust –  - responds to international and local disasters.

Water and Sanitation 
Sand Dams –  -  providing water for drinking, cooking, animals and to grow crops
· Boreholes – club projects  
· Village Water –  
· Water Aid – 

Rotary International  ( "Six Areas of Focus"
· Peace and Conflict prevention and resolution 
· Disease Prevention and Treatment 
· Water and Sanitation 
· Maternal and Child Health 
· Basic Education and Literacy 
· Economic and Community Development

Many of the projects which we support overlap, however in the current  
situation our emphasis will be to support communities affected by Covid 19.

· Polio Eradication 
· Wheel Chair Foundation UK –  
· Rotary Jaipur Limbs –  
· Mercy Ships –  
· Global Sight Solutions –  
· Rotarians Eliminating Malaria in Tanzania –  
· Olivia Giles - 500miles –  
· Freedom from Fistula –

· Mary’s Meals,, feeding children 1,667,067 every day at school or nursery for £15.90 per year (the cost of a Rotary meal). Currently because of the pandemic they are feeding families as there is no school. 
· Rise against Hunger –  
· Send a Cow – 
· Economic & Community Development  
· Lend with Care, micro-finance helping small businesses -

For further information on many of the tried and tested projects supported by Rotarians visit, Opportunities to Serve (Project Library). 

International Chef, Chis Sandford, founder of ‘Culinary Ability Awards’ has introduced ‘Old is Gold’ a project where older members mentor young people and share their        experiences inter-nationally.

District International Team -Drew Hughes (Alloway), Richard Horrell (Helensburgh Gare-lochside), John Dunlop (Ayr), Chris Sandford (Glasgow North and Bishopbriggs) Ian Dickson (Irvine Seagate) and we are willing to help if you need advice and we would be delighted to speak to your club.

Facebook – we have our own page, Rotary West of Scotland International Team, please Like and Share with as many friends/Rotarians to spread the word of ‘What we Do’.