International projects can mean raising funds for others to use or becoming directly involved through club and personal links. Too many in the world lack what we take for granted, whether clean water, regular meals, medical facilities, or books and equipment in schools. Your District committee exists to support your efforts however your club decides to proceed.

"Opportunities to Serve" contains many Rotary-approved international projects, such as Shelter Box, Aquabox, and the Wheelchair Foundation. Several clubs support other agencies, one such being Mary's Meals. Your club can respond to disasters, help people become mobile, feed children at schools, save sight, fight malaria, provide tradesmen with tools, encourage literacy, and much else, through one or more of the projects. It's your choice.

One particularly rewarding avenue of international service is direct contact with third world communities, an aspect which your District committee aims to encourage during this Rotary year. The knowledge that people in some far-off land are thinking of them can inspire remote villagers with a sense of belonging to the wider world. Such contacts may also lead to visits and practical on-site involvement.

Your District committee will be happy to attend, even to speak at, one of your club meetings. We can also organise information for you and, in the case of Shelter Box, arrange extra promotional material for your indoors or outdoors event. New for this year, we also wish to list, on this website, your club events supporting international projects, so don't forget to tell us about them.


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