District Governor - Frank Quinn

A Warm Welcome from Frank Quinn, District Governor 2019/20

Hello 1090,

Welcome to the new Rotary Year where the Rotary International theme is:- 


In simple terms RI President, Mark Maloney, urges us to connect with our Communities, our Rotary Clubs and ourselves.

For Rotary to grow - indeed survive, we must accept change.  The age of the average Rotarian in the United Kingdom is 74, which begs the question:

Where will many of our Clubs be in 5 years time”?

Clubs should be prepared to carry out internal audits to ensure we are “Fit for Purpose”.  As the world becomes more divisive Rotary will be called upon to help the ever growing needs of the disadvantaged - both here and abroad.

Change can include looking at the number of monthly meetings:

  • Are the meeting times suitable for those in work?
  • Do you dine at every meeting making it too expensive to be a Rotarian? 
  • Are you Project driven or a social club?

Attracting younger Rotarians is one of my goals for 2019/20 as they represent the future.

To achieve this we have to be “Agents” for Change. 

1090 has a vibrant District Support Team ready and willing to assist clubs with specific issues to help grow membership.

We do so much as a District that we can be proud of - I have learned a lot from my visits over the past year and I am very grateful for the warm welcome the Clubs have given me.  

It has been pleasure to witness 1090 as “PEOPLE OF ACTION”.

Please join me in ensuring that our District has a bright future.

Have a Great Year - Making a Better World.

All the best for now,


Frank Quinn

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