District Governor - Marius Hopley

Marius and Saerah Hopley meeting RI President Holger Knaack

A Warm Welcome from Marius Hopley, District Governor 2020/21

Hello 1090,

Welcome to the new Rotary Year where the Rotary International theme is:- 


In simple terms RI President, Holger Knaac, every great challenge is an opportunity for renewal and growth and Rotary Opens Opportunities .

Rotary is not just a club that you join it is an invitation to endless opportunities. We create opportunities for ourselves and for others in our communities both locally, nationally and internationally. This does result in a richer and more meaningful life.

Covid-19 has forced Rotary to adapt and to consider other ways of serving the community and have fun and fellowship. Virtual meetings have been a way for members to meet. Rotary is adapting to meet the new world.

This is our great challenge, not in the next year but for the foreseeable future, it is up to us to remake Rotary for these new times. To wholeheartedly embrace the ideas, energy and commitment of young people eager to find an outlet for idealism. We must become a District that fully embraces the digital age, not one that looks on the online ways to keep doing what we have always done.

1090 has a vibrant District Support Team ready and willing to assist clubs with specific issues to help grow membership.

We do so much as a District that we can be proud of - It has been pleasure to witness 1090 as “PEOPLE OF ACTION”.

Please join me in ensuring that our District has a bright future.

Have a Great Year - 


Marius Hopley