The Rotary 'Box' Schemes

The Rotary Box Schemes are an important contribution to practical aid in countries suffering from poverty and disasters.

The Box Schemes are a shining example of how Rotarians have used their ingenuity and knowledge of community needs 'on the ground' and are particularly popular with schools and young people as they raise awareness of life in other parts of the world as well as offering other educational opportunities.

Aquabox, Lifebox and Shelterbox are geared chiefly to disasters such as earthquakes, fire, flood and conflict.

2460 Aquaboxes, equating to £240,000 of aid, was dispatched to those in need in Haiti. Download the report on what has been achieved here

Most recently Aquabox have sent consignments to orphans in Nepal, flood victims in Pakistan and drought victims in the Horn of Africa. For updates on what has been achieved see latest news

Students of Wycombe Royal Grammar School with their 
shoebox collectionShoeboxes are shipped all the year round, though there are natural peaks around Easter, Harvest and Christmas.  The Shoebox scheme is particularly popular with children, and offers opportunities for citizenship projects within schools and the uniformed groups such as Scouts, Brownies, etc. You can read more about the scheme at

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Aquabox and Aquafilters

Practical presentations on the new improved Aquabox service available for your club NOW!


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