Borrowing Public Image Materials

Promoting a clear message of what Rotary is all about is important. Below, Rotarians will find a number of resources, consistent with the Rotary 'brand', to enhance our publicity.

Items to borrow from District storage for FREE

Make an impact with very smartly branded outdoor display and other items , available for sharing around the District. The large 'Rotary in the Thames Valley' feathered flags are very well used. There are 3 sets of customised pull-up banners: Rotary Effect, International, Youth. Additionally there are 2 x large 4 panel display screens (combine to give 8 panels) and around 20 laminated A3 display posters, mainly End Polio and Youth Service.

Download the Display Resources brochure here

We have a great 3 x 2 metre Exhibition Stand with monitor for streaming videos, ideal for indoor use at special events. It is a flexible design with 3 adjoining panels so can be curved to fit in a space less than 3m long. There is also a vertical Literature Stand which can take A4 leaflets and comes in an easy to carry metal case.

Please contact David Pope (Abingdon) if you would like to borrow any of these.

End Polio Now and Purple4Polio pull up banners and leaflets from Tim Cowling (Faringdon & District)

Rotary International

Visit the Rotary Brand Centre  where you can find new resources and templates to help you deliver a clear and compelling story. You will find this in the My Rotary section, which is for members only, so unless already registered, you will be asked for login details (which are your registered email address and your password). Follow the Instructions here

The Media Center is also very useful for press releases and topical videos, particularly when dealing with the media

See the Rotary Shop for a wide range of leaflets and other items

Rotary in Britain and Ireland 

The RIBI Online Shop also has a wide range of materials, including leaflets and posters that can be personalised for YOUR club. (login required) These include Rotary's People of Action campaign, specifically designed for the UK. To ensure you select the ideal material for your needs, see the Guidance Notes HERE

End Polio Now resources

"This close" material

Merchandise from End Polio Shop, Guernsey

Other End Polio Now material including polio story comic book can be downloaded here

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