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Membership initiatives in Rotary District 1040

Rotary Growth Opportunities (GO)

The Rotary Coordinator teams in Great Britain & Ireland and Membership Development & Retention Committee have launched the Rotary GO (Growth Opportunities) project which commenced with a series of webinars in January. The initiative is aimed directly at Rotary clubs and promotes the opportunities available to them through today’s flexible approaches to Rotary membership.

A series of webinars were hosted by RIBI in 2015 discussing the practicalities of starting taking a flexible approach and/or starting a project. Pdf versions of the webinar slides appear on this page. Follow the link to view the webinar recordings.


  • Innovative and Flexible Clubs

Innovative and Flexible Clubs can self-determine their operations to fit better with their members’ and community needs. There will be more focus on service and less on holding meetings. Clubs can make changes to the Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland Standard Club Constitution other than to amend the amount of membership dues paid to Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland.


  • Satellite Clubs

A new way to create a Rotary club where a satellite club functions as the transition to forming a new club. Members are registered with an existing club as the sponsor but satellite club members make the decisions about their own club themselves. There is no minimum number needed to form a satellite club.


  • E-clubs

These Rotary clubs follow the same policies as all Rotary clubs. The key difference is that an e-club conducts its weekly meeting on the club’s website. Members may attend meetings at any time and any day of the week. Rotary e-clubs perform service projects just like conventional clubs.


  • Corporate Membership

A corporation or company in the club’s area to become a member of the Rotary club, through a club established membership approval process. The organisation can appoint up to four designees who attend meetings and take part in the club’s projects. The designees are full members of the cub with voting rights and the opportunity to be officers of the club.

  • Associate Membership

A way of introducing new members so that they can find out about Rotary and the club before they commit to active membership. It is up to each club to devise a programme which suits the club. Club By-laws can be changed to take account of this.


Further information can be requested by contacting Kevin Grogan, District 1040 Rotary GO Champion, or one of the following Rotary GO Enthusiasts.

Glyn Robins (Harrogate)

Tony Jordan (Roundhay)

Tony Scaife (Aireborough)

Susan Young (Mirfield)

Ann Denham (Huddersfield)

Jonathan Beer (Knaresborough)

Alan Drewitt (Normanton)

Michael Hepper (Wensleydale)

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