Rotakids is aimed at children of primary school age, in public or private schools and is sponsored by local Rotary Clubs.

The Objective is to help build children's self-esteem by introducing the Rotary concepts of service, understanding and citizenship, to children at an early age

The intention is to create a framework that helps to inform and educate children in the concepts of service & citizenship.

It is a starting point for leadership training with simple hands-on service projects and activities.

The framework will also hopefully assist schools by improving involvement within the community and encouraging volunteering by students, parents, and others.  

The Rotakids leaflet and presentation attached to this introduction explain more about Rotakids with suggestions of community suitable projects suitable for young children.

For further detailed information, please go to the Rotary GB&I website by clicking on the following link:  http://www.ribi.org/about-us/the-rotary-family/






For further information or assistance, please email jsloran@aol.com



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