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Many Rotary Clubs arrange competitions to encourage young people to achieve their full potential and champion success. Many of these follow the rules of the RGBI competitions and all Clubs are entitled to enter through their District competitions. Where a group of Clubs organise a joint event, then each Club within the group is entitled to submit an entrant into the District Competition.


Each District follows the national rules, however Clubs are free to use different rules for their own competitions and frequently do so.


Our District is usually very successful in such competitions. In 2019-20, five of the six National Finalists were from our Region in Young Chef and Young Musician. ‘Youth Speaks - a Debate’ was sponsored by our Clubs.    


For 2020 -21 the themes for the competitions will be:

  • Young Artist – Wild Nature
  • Young Photographer – Wild Nature
  • Young Writer – My Happiest Day  
  • Young Environmental - Climate Change/Carbon Reduction

For the latest information about this year's competitions in our District get in touch with your local Rotary Club via

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A competition to encourage young people to use their imagination and creativity in writing.


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