The Rotary GB&I Environment Group's remit is to raise the profile of environmental issues within Rotary GB&I at District, Club and Rotarian level. There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that mankind is exploiting the natural resources of planet Earth at an unsustainable rate; in particular, carbon emissions from the fossil fuels are the primary cause of current global warming and ocean acidification. The poorest people on the planet will be least able to cope with the consequences.

The Environment Group is urging Clubs to:

  • Submit a project for the Rodney Huggins Environmental Awards 2013 .
  • Plant trees within their district. Clubs may wish to participate in the cost effective Nidderdale Tree Planting Scheme which is a Carbon Offset Scheme run by the Rotary Club of Harrogate.
  • Encourage a 20% reduction of carbon emissions of club and district travel activities, including conferences. For example, Rotary GB&I is now phone-conferencing on a regular basis. Where emissions cannot be avoided, encourage Rotarians to use Rotary's carbon offsetting scheme. For more information, please also visit the Sustainability Trust.
  • Organise an event under the SpringClean project, ideally during Climate Week (4th to 10th March 2013), but otherwise at any time of the year.

The group has published Environment leaflets which outline possibilities for Rotarian and Club action which may be useful for your Club members. There are many initiatives with which clubs and communities can be involved. These include the Prince of Wales' START project; applying for FREE trees from the Woodland Trust for planting in the autumn or spring; participating in Climate Week, held each year in March; and/or encouraging schools to enter the Climate Week Challenge; also helping them to set up or sustain a school Eco Group; plus many other ideas. 

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