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Membership Data Privacy Policy (Data Protection )

Rotary District 1100 
The following statement on the collection and use of data was adopted by the District Council of D1100 Executive on the 1 May 2012 :
Rotary D1100 Collection and Use of Personal Membership Data:

As part of its effort to assist clubs and districts and facilitate communication with Rotarians, District 1100 part of Rotary International and Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland collects personal information about Rotary club members, and their partners and associates where appropriate, to be used solely for the purpose of conducting core business activities, these include:

  • Preparing the Rotary District 1100 Directory and Club Directories
  • Calculating annual dues payable to Rotary International District 1100 
  • dentifying prospective candidates for District Office 
  • Providing information and updates to the district governors, district officers and others involved in RI and Rotary GB&I programmes and service projects 
  • Providing goods and services to clubs for their general activities 
  • Providing guidance to clubs in their general activities and public relations efforts 
  • Communicating key organisational messages and information to district leaders , to clubs for dissemination at the club level and to members of clubs
  • Facilitating conference, assembly and special event planning 
  • Identifying Rotarians who have specific professional skills 
Rotary District 1100 may also disclose information as required by law or if pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations.

District 1100 follows the code of conduct for the principles of the Data Protection Act which requires data to:
1). Fairly and lawfully processed. 
This is done by a Data Controller who passes the information necessary to a Data Processor who is undertaking this work on our behalf. 
2). Processed for limited periods. 
The information is only held during the individuals membership of a Rotary Club in the District.
3). Only the basic details outlined above are being held
 Adequate, relevant and not excessive.  
4). Accurate and up to date.  
These are either updated by the Secretary of each Club as details change; (i.e. home address, email address) or the authorised Data Processor who has access to the database. Rotarians will be able to update their own record.
5). Not kept longer than necessary.  
All members records are deleted when they leave Rotary.
6). Processed in accordance with the individuals right. 
The information is held solely for the purpose of Rotary.  As a professional organisation we have a duty of care to ensure every member is informed of Rotary matters and indeed without such details being held; subscriptions, budgets and other Rotary matters cannot be performed.
7). Secure.  
There is a high level of Security to ensure that membership records are not accessible to anyone outside our Organisation.  This is achieved through the use of secure passwords.  The servers also meet the high security levels deemed necessary for this purpose.
8). Not transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area (E.A.A.)  
The records are held solely in the U.K. for our membership and are not transferred to our Rotary International Headquarters in America.
The above can also be printed for reference please click her for a pdf format.....