Environment Awards

Details of Environment Awards

Environmental Awards

These awards in three categories Bronze, SIlver and Gold and will be awarded for Club activities such as:

  • Litter picking
  • Recycling
  • Working with Schools or the Community on projects such as planting bulbs, providing sensory gardens and other activities to enhance the local environment.
  • Promoting Environmental Awareness etc

In addition Clubs will be encouraged to take action as indiivdual members - such as fitting solar panels,  proactively engaging in energy conservation etc..

Details of these environmental Awards may be found by  Clicking here

Stages in Environment Awards


  • Clubs should formally appoint a Club Environment Officer and this appointment should be notified on the approriate form to the District Environment Officer Keith Tovey.    This form may be downloaded here.

There are several requirement whcih must be addressed before applying for an award and submissions should be done on the appropriate form but there will be three deadliens for submission on 31st August, 31st December, 28th/29th February of each rotary Year

Bronze Award.  

  • This is the first level Award and to achieve this, a Club should be active in at least one significant project in the Rotary Year.   Applications should be submitted on the form which can be downloaded here.    The deadline for first applications is 31st December 2012 and successful Clubs will be presented with their Awards at the District Council Meeting in January 2013

Silver Award

  • This is second level Award and Clubs will need to meet the additional criteria to achieve this award.   Applications for such awards are only valid for those Clubs already holding a Bronze Award and the first considerations for a Silver Award will thus take place in February 2013.  The application form is now available and can be downloaded here..

Gold Award

  • This is the highest award and Clubs must progress through both the Bronze and SIlver Stages to be considered for this award.   The first deadline for such awards will thus be August 2013 and forms will become available once the first SIlver Awards have been made. 

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