District Facts

Some facts and history of District 1150

Previous District Chairmen and Governors of District 1150

Past RI & Rotary GB&I Officers from the District.

(Note:A"+"following the clubname indicates deceased.)

Please contact the District Secretary if you need the address or telephone number of a PDG

Rotary International

President1931-2 		Sidney W.Pascall 		    (London) 		        Eng+
President1945-6 		Tom A.Warren 			(Bournemouth) 		Eng+
President1973-4 		William C.Carter 		    (Battersea) 	    	Eng
President1994-5 		William H.Huntley 		(Alford&Mablethorpe)	Eng
President2009-10 	John Kenny 			    (Grangemouth) 		Scot

Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland

President1942-44 		T.J.Rees 		                    (Swansea)+
President1973-74 		John H.Edwards 		    (MerthyrTydfi)+
President1979-80 		Douglas W.Imrie Brown 	(WestminsterEast then Haverfordwest)+
President1987-88 		J.Elfed Davies 		        (Porthcawl)+
President1994-95 		David Morgan 		        (Porthcawl)

Past Chairman of District Council

1921-23 		Hubert Alexander 	        Cardiff+
1923-25 		Henry Spowart 		        Llanelli+
1925-27 		T.J. Rees 			    Swansea+
1927-29 		Will Hollaway 		    Cardiff+
1929-31 		Walter Meacock 		    Newport+
1931-33 		John Wilson 		        Aberdare+
1933-34 		Joe Winterbottom 	    Llanelli+
1934-35 		Charles Burn 		        Cardiff+
1935-36 		Godfrey Phillips 		    Newport+
1936-37 		Ernest Ablett 		        Swansea+
1937-38 		John Gardner 		        Llandrindod Wells+
1938-39 		Isaac Edwards 		    Merthyr Tydfill+

Past PIR's and District Chairmen

1939-43 		Garforth Mortimer 		Cardiff+
1943-47 		Cyril Williams 			Cardiff+
1945-46 		T.J.S. Morgan(Tom) 	    Haverfordwest+
1947-48 		D.T. Jones 			    Haverfordwest+
1948-50 		Ted Warren 			    Newport+
1950-52 		David Bennett 			Cardiff+
1952-54 		W.T.Mainwaring-Hughes(Bill)	Swansea+
1954-56 		R.A. Jones(Dick) 		    Cardiff+
1956-58 		Harold Mastin 			Malvern+
1956-60 		Howard Penzer 		    Cardiff+
1960-61 		Bill Scanlon 			    Abertillery&Blsina+
1961-62 		Stanley Brierley 	            Barry+
1962-63 		Ossie Edwards 		    EbbwVale+
1963-64 		Don White 		            Barry+
1964-65 		John Edwards 			MerthyrTydfil+
1965-66 		Roger Wright 			BuilthWells
1966-67 		Jack Hinwood 			Swansea+

Past Governors and District Chairmen

1967-68 		Reg Pickett 		    Cardiff East+
1968-69 		Theo Griffiths 		Risca+
1969-70 		Gwynne Lloyd 		Llanelli+
1970-71 		Ernest Merriman 	    Milford Haven+
1971-72 		Ted Pressdee 		    Swansea+
1972-73 		Reg Packer 		    Penarth+
1973-74 		Trevor Phillips 	        Caerphilly+
1974-75 		Jack Cross 		    Cardigan+
1975-76 		Norman Skeats 	    Newport+
1976-77 		Keith Elsdon 		    Pembroke+
1977-78 		Douglas Bailey 		Neath+
1978-79 		Arthur Wait 		    Cwmbran+
1979-80 		Elfed Davies 		    Porthcawl
1980-81 		Trefor Rees 		    Llantrisant+
1981-82 		Roy Thomas 		    Pontypridd+
1982-83 		Gordon Edwards 	    Cardigan+
1983-84 		Arthur Westren 	    EbbwVale+
1984-85 		David Williams 		Morriston+
1985-86 		David Morgan 		Porthcawl
1986-87 		Alan Thomas 		    Cowbridge+
1987-88 		Stanley Morrow 	    Fishguard & Goodwick+
1988-89 		Colin Beurle 		 Gower & Llwchwr+
1989-90 		John Lister 		 Llanishen
1990-91 		Subrahmanyam Ganesh Merthyr Tydffil
1991-92 		Eddie Maguire 		 Blackwood
1992-93 		David Tucker 		 Mumbles
1993-94 		Wally Cole 		 Barry+
1994-95 		Tudor Jones 		 Caerphilly
1995-96 		Peter Wilson 		 Haverfordwest+
1996-97 		Robert Dodds 		 Pontllanfraith
1997-98 		Graham Hardy 		 Cardiff East
1998-99 		Stuart Cox 		 Pembroke
1999-2000 	Don Carsley 		 Barry
2000-2001 	Colin Morgan     	  BritonFerry
2001-2002 	John C.Williams 	 Llanelli
2002-2003 	Adrian W.Cornelius	  Caerphilly
2003-2004 	J.Howard Griftiths 	  Saundersfoot+
2004-2005 	Michael Rye 		 Llanishen
2005-2006 	David Wiltshire           Dinas Powis
2006-2007 	Kistiah Ramaya 	    Lampeter
2007-2008 	Roy Blacker 		 Llandaff
2008-2009 	Clayton Heycock 	 Port Talbot
2009-2010 	Bob Higgins 		 Newport
2010-2011 	Donna Wallbank 	 Brynmawr
2011-2012 	Mike Parry 		 Cardiff Bay
2012-2013     Bob Lewis           Porthcawl
2013-2014 Sandra Townsend Porthcawl
2014-2015 Chris Williams Fishgard & Goodwick

2015-2016 Steve Jenkins Cardiff Bay

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