Our Children, Our Future

The section contains details of a Rotary Wessex initiative aimed at supporting young people in our area,

Rotarys raison detre is to be of service to the community - local, national and international. We have no other agenda. In order to fulfil this purpose we must constantly ask two questions:
  1. What are the real and important issues facing our community?
  2. What unique contribution can Rotary offer to the solution of these problems by virtue of the experience, abilities and resources of its members.
In Rotary Wessex we are concerned about the effects of social change on the well being of children, parents and communities. Stimulated by the 2007 UNICEF report on the experience of childhood, Rotarians have given a lot of thought to the underlying problems and their causes. We recognise the complexity of the issues involved, and the need for an integrated, long term strategy for tackling them.
Our immediate purpose is to consult with community leaders to define the problems fully and explore ways in which Rotary can add value to initiatives that are already in place to improve the life chances of our children but particularly to integrate, innovate and develop new ways of thinking about emerging social issues affecting young people and our common future.

Our Children, Our Future pages:

Update Given to District Council June 2014

more Attached are a presentation and script from the update given by Caroline Millman.

Report on Isle of Wight Initiative

more At the request of the Isle of Wight Council, The Children’s Society’s “Good Childhood Team” carried out their largest, single survey with 5,000 children on the Isle of Wight during 2012. This survey was partly prompted by the reorganisation of the school

Presentation to District Council November 2013

more To download the presentation given by Caroline Millman please open the attached document

Our Children, Our Future Newsletter - July 2013

more Welcome to the second Newsletter for the Our Children; Our Future (OCOF) project.

New Forest (Group 3) "Our Children; Our Future" Consultation Conference

more Open the attached document to see feedback and outcomes of round table discussions

Our Children Our Future - February Newsletter

more Please find attached the latest Our Children, Our Future Newsletter.

Our Children; Our Future - December 2012

more Our Children; Our Future Event with Bournemouth City Council and Bournemouth Rotary Clubs on Wednesday 5 December 2012 – Presentation Slides