Links, contacts and Grant forms

Links to RIBI and RI Foundation pages, plus District Grant Application Forms and the email link to DRFC webmaster

 The Foundation Home page on the Rotary GB&I website is at

The Foundation pages are at Alternatively go to then hover the mouse over the words The Rotary

Foundation is on the top line of links. Ignore the drop-down which appears; instead click on The Rotary Foundation. 

Click here D1040_District_Grant_Application_2020.21_2.doc    to download the application form. Copy it to your  computer please.

For District Grant report form click here  D1040_District_Grant_Report_multi_years_5.docx copy to your computer please. 

Grant information [you're  strongly advised to read prior to filling in the application form] is Grant_info_for_web_site_2018.pdf  info.

NB although the file is dated 2018 the contents are still active.

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