Stroke Association award for Rotary

At their Life After Stroke Awards Ceremony on June 12 2014, The Stroke Association gave a Special Recognition Award to Rotary in Britain and Ireland for 'an outstanding contribution to the Stroke Association from an individual or organisation'

Special Recognition Award 2014

Rotary Clubs throughout Britain and Ireland are committed supporters of the Stroke Association and Know your Blood Pressure campaign, organising an amazing 426 events in 2013, and the Thames Valley District is no exception. This meant that the Stroke Association held over 1,100 events, testing the blood pressures of over 42,500 people, referring almost 7,000 to their GP for further advice. Read more about the awards at

Together the Stroke Association and Rotary GB&I have organised Know Your Blood Pressure events over 10 years, and with Rotary's support, the campaign is helping to prevent strokes and save lives. Rotary KYBP Days are held every year, usually in April, but you can chose any day of the year. Read more about organising an event......