District 1010's Dam - With more to come

Details of Global Grant Progress and Dams to be Built

Sand Dam Projects Progress Report

As many of you know, following District 1010 building our own Dam almost two years ago, We have now committed to the Multi District Sand Dams Group with our Club Donations being matched both by Rotary Foundation District Designated Funds and Global Grant.  In adition, UK Government funds are levered in to provide not only more Dams, but also a 3 year Programme  to provide materials and expertise to establish Agriculture and enable the Subsistance Farming Communities to best utilise the benefits of a year round clean water supply

We have recently received reports on 5 Dams built by Contributions from other Districts in the Multi District Group. The 16 Dams referred to below include Contributions from Our District

The long dry season just started in Kenya so sand dam projects backed by Rotary are now moving forward.  Funding was recently agreed for six sand dams and plans are close to completion for a further ten dams.  Many of the fundraising efforts to support these projects began a year or two ago so it is thanks to the generosity, commitment and patience of so many clubs, that we are now in a position to start channelling those funds towards the activities that will bring about much needed change in dry-land rural Kenya. 

The 2013-14 Global Grant and Club Funds funded five communities in Makueni County, Kenya to build sand dams and implement climate-smart agriculture techniques. The goal of that project was to help address the chronic water and food shortage and enable the communities to take steps towards self-sufficiency.  Now completed, the new sand dams have captured and stored water from the recent rains and the communities are concentrating on continuing the farming techniques, which the project helped establish.  Details of this first Global Grant funded project can be found in the attached report. This includes photographs of each sand dam and the plaques which recognise the clubs involved.

Rural poverty and hunger are complex issues. Solutions take time to develop. Therefore, Rotarys NGO partners: Excellent Development and Africa Sand Dam Foundation, who implemented and managed the project, commit to 5-year development plans with each community. They will continue to support the communities to increase water availability within their area and to increase and diversify food production such that each community can become food and water secure after five years, without the need for external support.

Districts involved in the next series of projects include: 1010, 1050, 1060, 1080, 1100, 1110, 1140, 1160, 1170, 1190, 1220, 1240, 1250 and 1260.  The Foundation has now agreed a new Global Grant of 60,323 which will fund three communities to build sand dams and will also fund activities to improved food production for three communities.  We are also submitting applications, for the next two grants with a view to funding ten more sand dams so your DRFC will be contacted if involved to arrange DDF transfer.

Global Grant Funding



Grant Status

Project Start

Three sand dams plus, improved food production for three communities

Mutethya Self-help Group,

Ngulai Self-help Group

Wasya wa Athi B Self help Group


July 2014

Five sand dams


Communities will be confirmed once funding is approved


August/ September 2014

Five sand dams plus food production support for five communities

Communities will be confirmed once funding is approved

Preparing to submit

December 2014/ January 2015

In parallel, to the grant applications, the Club Funds are being used to fund three sand dams, with several more in very early planning stage.  Therefore, now is the time for Districts to forward their Club Funds.

Club Funding




Project Start

Three sand dams

Kyuasini Water Project SHG

Kwa Mwatu Kyangwasi SHG Sindano wa Wia SHG


August 2014

Finally, we are taking every step to maximise the impact of Rotarys support and not just through the Global Grant facility. Some of the communities which Rotary will be supporting are part of a larger project that the UK Government has agreed to co-fund for the next 3 years, on condition of match funding from other donors. By funding sand dams within this project, Rotary not only enables the communities to have local, reliable water supplies, but also unlocks the UK Governments funding to cover all of the agriculture activities until 2016. 

We remain on target to build twenty dams from this years club and Global Grant funding and unlocking UK Government funding to build at least 10 dams with communities which the UK Government will support to improve food security.

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