Rotary have a long tradition of funding scholarships for overseas study, typically for post graduate study in the fields of peace & reconciliation, conflict resolution, and public health. The rationale is clear from the mission statement – “The Rotary Foundation and Rotary Clubs invest in our future leaders and philanthropists by funding scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study.”

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While Rotary Ireland and its clubs does not have a tradition of funding such scholarships, we have a strong track record in welcoming and supporting incoming scholars, coming to study at our universities.

Aside from providing some guidance and logistical support, we welcome the scholars to our club meetings and District events, where we learn more about them and give them the opportunity t lerrn more about us.

This year’s incoming scholars are: 

  • ·      Sarah Markley, Pennsylvania – studying at Queens and hosted by RC Belfast
  • ·      Tosca Keppler, Nevada – studying at NUI Galway and hosted by RC Galway
  • ·      N’Dea Moore-Petinak, California – studying at TCD and hosted by RC Dublin Viking
  • ·      Chiara Lencarelli, Italy - studying at TCD and hosted by RC Dublin Viking

I encourage Rotary Clubs to consider inviting scholars to speak at their club meetings and taking part in their Club events.

For more, contact the Chair of the Scholarship sub-committee - Willie Maxwell