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The Rotary 1010 Digest is published monthly on the 15th of each month. You can find the latest issue in the menu on the right (or below). You'll also find archives of previous editions. 

Notification of the publication is emailed to all Rotarians in District 1010 except: those who have specifically unsubscribed; those who have recently joined Rotary and have not subscribed and those who have recently changed their email address.  If you want to subscribe you must complete the form below.

The 1010 Digest serves the following purposes:

  • A means for District Officials to inform Rotarians about their area of speciality.
  • A means for District Officials to communicate with Club Secretaries and contacts.
  • Reducing the number of emails sent to Club Secretaries.

Content should be sent to the editor,  on or before 8th of each month.

Advice to District Officers

Advice to Clubs

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Rotary 1010 Digest pages:

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1010 Digest Policy

Policy, protocols and processes for submitting an article or item to the digest


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