Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG)

Protection Info

Within District 1010 there are a number of activities which automatically require participants to be members of the PVG scheme for Rotary.

These are:

RYLA activity leaders

RYLA counsellors and mentors



Youth exchange host parents and drivers

Young carers activity leaders (residential)

Riding for the disabled.

Any Rotary member (including relatives of members, associate members, members of satellite clubs and friends of Rotary) who is involved with these activities must be registered with the PVG scheme for Rotary. Membership of the PVG scheme for another organisation or for work WILL NOT be enough, a further check for Rotary must be carried out. Remember, our Rotary insurers insist that all necessary checks (PVG and Health and Safety) are carried out prior to our involvement in any activity. Failure to do so could render your clubs insurance invalid.

If your club has an activity involving children or protected adults which is not on the list above, please get in touch with Alistair Robb who can advise you whether PVG membership is required in your particular case.

Further information is available on the Rotary GB&I website (you will need to log in):

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There is also helpful information on the Volunteer Scotland website:

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For further advice on PVG matters please contact Alistair Robb ( Please also take advantage of the free training available for all club officers at the District Club Leadership Seminars.

Special Advice about Christmas Events

Powerpoint presentation from 25-09-2016 District Council. 

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Yes!  it matters; not only for the safety of vulnerable people, but for the security of Rotarians and volunteers working with them In D1010,

Handout for advice when working with youth - click here

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