Videos on polio eradication

There are many excellent videos that tell the story of polio eradication throughout the world. This page provides links to a selection of recent ones.

This first link - click here - will enable you to download a brand new excellent video from Rotary International. All Clubs should show this to their members. It lasts 15 minutes.

The next link  - click here - will enable you to download a sheet with links to many videos. There are short videos suitable for different age groups. It  is anexcellent resource.

The next links are to a series of short videos that explain how we will ensure that the polio virus will never return, once it has been completely eradicated. The video also explains the switch from trivalent oral polio vaccine to bivalent oral polio vacine that will took place worldwide in April/May 2016.

And here is a link to a YouTube video suitable for many different audiences

The following videos are the ones that Carol showed at a District Council meeting.


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