2020 Canadian Curling Tour

Scotland to Canada fellowship curling tour 2020

Curling Tour 2016

    Canadian Rotary curlers invite Scottish Rotarians to a

4 week competition and tour.

      This is your opportunity to visit Canada on a Trip of a Lifetime

To all scottish Rotary Curlers - our Rotarian curling friends in Canada have once again invited Scottish Rotarians to select a team of 22 Rotarian curlers to spend 4 weeks being home hosted in Quebec and Ontario, Canada, 24th October until 21st November in 2020. 

This has been the trip of a lifetime for those who have been lucky to have been selected in the past, and engenders fantastic fellowship, and friendships that last a lifetime. We are looking for 22 curlers of all abilities to represent Scotland in the Bob Mackintosh Transatlantic Quaich, which is played over a number of games in approximately 12 different towns and cities. There is also a friendly game on arrival in Montreal, plus the final game for the Duddingston Trophy, against the 2018 Canadian Rotarian Tourists to Scotland. 

Evenings consist of organised Dinners, Rotary Meetings, house parties, and a few evenings at home with your host families. If you can entertain by telling jokes, singing or dancing etc., this is always taken into consideration when the final selection is undertaken.

There are opportunities to sightsee, and get to know the local culture, as your hosts will be pleased to make sure that your stay is an enjoyable one. With 22 curlers, there will be days when you do not curl, as often the games will be played at a 4 sheet Curling Rink and only 16 players will be required, and there are always two people in reserve to cover any eventualities.

If you are interested in applying, please complete and return the attached Application Form, by 15th Oct 2019, and if you require any further information please contact Willie Nicoll, Past Captain of the 2016 Tour to Canada, whose contact details are shown above.

Willie Nicoll

Past Captain

2016 Rotary Curling Tour Scotland to Canada


  If you are interested in applying, please complete and return the attached Application Form

Download a copy of the Invitation letter here  

    For further information in D1230 please contact alex_blair on e mail  alex_blair@outlook.com