Rotarian Alan Booth- Man of Records

In 50 years as a Rotarian, Alan has never missed a weekly meeting!

I am not sure which record Alan would claim as his favourite. Is it the one that in 50 years as a Rotarian he has never missed a weekly meeting or is it that no one has ever seen him without a tie? Perhaps it is that he has a collection of over 400 walking sticks and is still making them, or his collection of police memorabilia, or his 100’s of stamps, medals, badges and coins, or the hundreds of poems he has written since the age of 7 and retained them all.
Whatever, Alan Booth, from Chepstow, is proud of his Welsh origins, and has yet spent most of his life in England. A seller and maker of industrial brushes in Chepstow, promoted to MD of Web Jarratt Company Ltd in Flint Street, Industrial Brush Makers in Huddersfield where he worked for many years before the Group closed the factory. He took over the Chesham factory but when that was closed a little while later, he decided to start up on his own. And from simple beginnings in his garage in Stoke Mandeville, he moved to Corby where he built up his industrial brush making business from scratch eventually selling it and the purpose built factory to the Danish company Vikan. He retired in 1999.
He and his wife Lynn decided to return to Huddersfield in 2006 to be near his son. Of course he then rejoined Huddersfield Rotary Club!
Now let’s look at his record as a Rotarian. He started in Chepstow in July ’65 and was quickly international secretary. He transferred to the Huddersfield Club in 1967, 104 members strong in those days, and in the next 14 years was chairman of every committee in turn, secretary and Club President. In Corby Rotary Club from 1981, he had a similar record over the next 25 years except that he was President twice and awarded a second Paul Harris Fellowship. He has never been Treasurer!
Back in Huddersfield, he served a second term as President in 2009/10 during which he hosted a District Exchange visit of five Rotarians from Nepal.
Amongst this busy life, he has visited numerous Rotary Clubs up and down the country. I remember meeting him in the 70’s when he visited the Luton Club where I was a member. I was impressed even then by his record of 10 years as a Rotarian never missing a weekly meeting. Obviously Rotary has been such an important part of his life, supported by Lynn, as it also includes very many District and RIBI Conferences. Whilst on holiday in Wales, he visited five different clubs in one week! Lynn’s view of this dedication was a wry smile.
His record was maintained only by a thread in Venice. He took a boat to one club only to find it was closed because of a visit by Prince Charles. So he sought out the secretary who gave him an attendance certificate!
I wonder, but doubt, if there is another Rotarian in the world that can boast of such a record.
So, what a record! The whole Rotary movement can be justly impressed and proud of you and your record. I know both Corby and Huddersfield clubs are. You have brightened our meetings over many months with you activity as Master of Arms and all Lady members look forward to your kiss when you greet them
Alan, congratulations on your 50 years and your unique attendance record. The whole club, indeed I m sure the whole Rotary movement is indebted to you and your zeal.

John Denham

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