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Discover Rotary ...

Associate Membership allows you to become acquainted with a Rotary Club, its members, programmes and projects without becoming a full member.

It is expected that after a designated time, decided by the Club, the Associate Member will become a full member.

The Associate Membership pilot programme is to give people the opportunity to experience first hand, the work and fellowship of Rotary without becoming a full member.
Associate Members do not have to pay fees to Rotary International or Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland.  

Please note:-
Because the Associate membership programme is in the pilot stage, not all Clubs are participating in it.  To learn if a Club is operating Associate Membership in your area, just click on the Make An Enquiry button below.

Rotary Clubs always advise potential members to come along to a few meetings and events before joining the Club.  So even if there is no Associate Membership programme in your area, you will still be given every opportunity to "try before you buy".