Conference 2015 - What you missed - See you next Year

The Music Room, Spa Complex : That's where the action was

Conferance ~ Community Breakout Session ~ Speakers Confirmed ~Controversial Debates ~

District Appeal Totals Announced in Main Hall EXCEEDED TARGET
Latest report
ABF -( Updates ) ~ 

Social Media - Rotary in the Community ~ What's it all about? ~ 

Woodland Trust ~ An RIBI supported charity - but what do they do

Fairfield Specialist School ~ a  very special school

Contact The Elderly~(And we don't mean the audience) !

Enviromental Issue of the decade :

To Frack or not to Frack?.... Listen to the debate and make your own mind up

1. Fracking      Malton N.Yorks

2. Fracking      West Newton,East Yorkshire

3. Fracking       Scores of arguments available on You Tube:

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