Spectacular Success!

Cleckheaton and District Rotary Club will have collected a total of 100,000 pairs of spectacles for Vision Aid Ovserseas by the end of this year

Maddie working with President David Laycock and Past President Paul

At a recent meeting the Rotary Club of Cleckheaton and District heard reports of two succesful projects.

First of all the club was addressed by Maddie Tetlow of Liversedge, the 2015 recipient of the Rotary Young Leadership Award from the Club.The award is given annually to a 16/17 year old person chosen by the club who it is felt has earned and will benefit from a week’s training in leadership with other similar young people. The course is run locally by Rotary District 1040 and has the objective of preparing the awardees for leadership roles in their future life.
In outlining her time on the course to club members Maddie felt that as well as making lots of new friends she has gained confidence in leadership that will help in her role with Brownies. Additionally, the experience of mixing with others on the course has helped her settle in quickly in her new college. She thanked the members for honoring her with the Award.

After the meeting Past President Paul Merrick asked Maddie for her help with sorting another batch of spectacles collected recently in the Club’s “Vision Aid Overseas” project.    In this scheme that has been running some years, used spectacles are sorted and sent for evaluation before being packaged for use by volunteer Opticians who travel to third world countries doing sight testing and often cataract operations.     The used spectacles are then handed out to assist those in need of them to lead a better and more fulfilling life.   
The club is very proud to announce that by the end of the year it will have collected a total of 100,000 pairs of spectacles for this worthy charity.    For many years Rotarian Malcolm Bentley was the member visiting opticians and medical centers where used pairs were donated ,a job now undertaken by PP Paul, and the Club, would like to thank all the people of the area for their fantastic support of this scheme which will continue for the foreseeable future.

Rotary President David Laycock thanked the members for the massive work in collecting such a vast number and thanked Maddie for her comments and volunteering to help with the sorting.