Rocking Horse for Autistic Children

On Thursday the 17th December a beautifully carved wooden rocking horse was presented to Mrs Jill Hickman the Centre Coordinator for The Butterflies Sure Start Children"™s Centre in Normanton by Robert Ruffler, President of the Rotary Club of Normanton

The rocking horse was skilfully made by Mr A.(Sandy) H. Broadley of Rothwell, a retired enthusiastic woodworker, who, upon completion of the horse, decided to sell it and donate the proceeds to a children’s charity or give it to an organisation which would use it for the benefit of young children.  It had taken him over one hundred and thirty hours to make it and the materials cost him in excess of five hundred pounds.

A fellow woodworking enthusiast, Rotarian, Michael Horgan, brought this to the attention of the Rotary Club of Normanton of which he is a member, and as a result, Rotarian Councillor Keith Wilson J.P  suggested that it be offered to The Butterflies Children’s Sure Start Children’s Centre in Normanton of which he is the Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Mrs Jill Hickman and her colleagues decided that the horse would be ideal for their use in the centre. When expressing her thanks she said “The rocking horse will be placed in the Sensory Room which is used by our autistic children. It is a valuable resource that will support the children to become calm and relaxed.  Apart from looking fantastic it will help our children in their development and will provide many hours of pleasure.”

Councillor Keith Wilson J.P stated “As chair of the Advisory Board I am delighted that the Rotary Club of Normanton has found a most worthy home for this superbly crafted rocking horse. It will bring great joy to our children at Butterflies."

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