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On returning to the hive after foraging, a successful honeybee performs a dance in front of all the members of the colony. The dance involves running through a small figure eight pattern whilst “shaking his booty”. The turns he takes and how long the dance lasts, tells the other members the direction of the patch of flowers offering pollen and nectar and the distance involved.  It’s called the Waggle dance. We are not asking you to dance, just to share your success.




This is the page where we need your in-put.  Throughout the district clubs are adopting their own strategies and addressing their membership development and retention issues. More importantly, they are getting results. By sharing our success stories and in particular, what we did, we can help increase our membership across the district.

If your club has had some success recently in recruiting new members, forming a new club, coming up with a retention strategy or anything to improve your membership and retention, please share it.  Let us know what worked.

Get in touch with Iain by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


1.   Even if your story is by using a tried and tested method, please share it.

2.   Try and give us as much information as you can, especially if there was any part of the strategy that  worked particularly well.

3.  If you have used letters, marketing leaflets, power point presentations, please consider sending them in.  We can make templates from them and make them available for downloading.

4.   If you have ideas for recruiting and retaining members, even though they may not have been tested, again please share them.

5.  Ask recently joined members why they joined. What was it that lead them to join?

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