Recent Floods and How We Can Help

The effects of floods and storms are felt immediately, yet will cause immense problems and concerns by many for months to come. Water damage can be devastating and emotionally-draining. 

So how can we help?

In the immediate aftermath of a flood or storm, liaise with your local community leaders, introduce yourselves and offer practical and financial support. Statutory authorities implement emergency plans and are the experts and designated emergency leaders.

Continue to support by continuous monitoring and using your contacts as time goes by memories can be short and, as we all know, the media move on to the next event very quickly. It may be that over a longer period, individual and community needs will be identified. Seek out and join in others fund-raising events.

Contribute financially. If your local community has no identified needs, consider contributing to help meet the needs of others. For example:

a.    Appeals by other districts for immediate assistance.

b.    Contribute to: The RIBI Flood Appeal  or The RIBI Disaster Fund