And the good news is.... There should be no need for a hosepipe ban.

Boy did it rain!

Financially not a very good day; the Charity Gala Committee made a loss - we may have just about broken even. But did we have fun? Actually, yes :-)

Thanks to all members  and family who helped in any way; whether you were there for the whole soggy day or any part thereof. Rotarians helped in almost every facet of the gala, from selling space in the programme and organisng the gala queens; helping to decorate floats, marshalling the processing, organisng the kids on and off the bouncy castle and slide, and even selling jam.
It was a whole club effort and shows what we can do if we pull together.

There was a problem part-way through the day when the generators stopped generating and the 2 inflatables had to be abandoned; but the castle was restored and worked right up to the end.