Christmas Cards for End Polio Now 2019

Buy special Christmas Cards to raise funds for polio eradication

The Rotary Club of Lindum Lincoln have produced a Christmas Card specifically aimed at raising funds for End Polio Now. This is endorsed and supported by Rotary GB&I.

This initiative gives all Rotarians the opportunity to support the End Polio Now campaign and see their club gain recognition from TRF for that support.

100% of profits will be credited to the EPN account of the club purchasing the card, with a guarantee that donations will be completed by 31st January 2019 at the very latest and a confirmation email sent to each club.

The price is £4.25 per pack of 10 cards inclusive of P&P. The profit per pack is £2.48 per pack of cards, 58% profit, so for a club ordering 50 packs at £4.25 per pack their EPN account would have been credited with £124.00. This then attracted the Bill and Melinda Gates double matching.

The order deadline is 26th October.

Click here to download details and an order form.

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