2017 Gryffe Valley 10 K Run

10 K Run on the attractive country lanes between Houston and Bridge of Weir suitable for serious runners, novices and joggers. Funds raised will be donated to the DEBRA charity.


More than 100 runners took part in the 2017 event in glorious sunshine on Sunday 7th May. After leading from the start Paul Monaghan was the winner for the second year running in 35m 45s. Second was Cameron Watson who was also the first in the male U18 category (37m 00s.) The first female for the second year running and 6th overall was Ruth Fraser Moodie (40min 13s). She was closely followed by the first in the Over 60’s category, and 7th overall, by Alastair Dunlop. Winner of the female U18 was Erin Stringer (56m 5s). The course is well known for being very attractive but tough and this year it was unusually warm. Nevertheless, both Paul and Ruth recorded times within a few seconds of last year.

This year the beneficiary of the event will be DEBRA – the charity which supports children and young people afflicted with the skin condition known as EB (Epiderolysis Bullosa). Jay Hamilton of DEBRA was present at the awards presentation and thanked Rotary and the runners for their support.

Edwin Fisher, Chair of the Community Services committee presented the trophies and thanked announcer and chief organiser Ian Jackson and more than 60 members and friends for their work.

Special thanks are due to:

Colin Hall and Joan for Registration and recording

Kilbarchan Harriers for timing the run

Rotary Ladies for preparing the refreshments

Houston Hens for the Water station

Scouts for manning the Kilometre posts

Maureen Pepper and Mike Farley for photography/ website/Facebook

Bob Ross for publicity

Police, St Andrew's ambulance

Alison Napier (bicycle sweeper)

Houston Kirk for the use of the Hall

Positions and times

PositionRace No.NameTime
1312Paul Monaghan35.41
2289Cameron Watson37.00
3290Jon Hammerman37.30
4293Michael Diver38.32
5258Ryan Waldron39.36
6300Ruth Fraser Moodie40.13
7269Alastair Dunlop40.55
8311Finlay Walton41.41
9239John Smith42.02
10292James Watson42.31
11259Euan Carrick42.50
12253Crawford Watson43.29
13299Stuart Byers 43.34
14234Iain Carrick44.12
15202Elaine Eadie44.24
16303Stephen Leahy44.34
17266Ben Cushing44.42
18251Alan Sim44.50
19256Scott Hamilton45.09
20201Andy Robin45.09
21267Peter Farley45.47
22291Craig Winter45.52
23245Niall MacLeod46.26
24208Alan Sweet47.00
25240Alasdair Miller47.53
26213Ewan Mcphillimy48.18
27241Vivian Miller48.22
28215Ronnie Simpson48.29
29229Alasdair Dalton48.35
30219Graeme Campbell48.45
31286Alan White48.55
32271Martin Mcgarvy49.08
33260Peter Taylor49.17
34242Alastair Gouidie49.23
35204Alasdair Douglas49.32
36273John Mccabe49.52
37310Neil Thomson49.57
38218Kirsty Horne50.10
39283Craig Duncan50.26
40238Lorna Mitchell50.49
41226Ross Boyd50.50
42252Peter Boyd51.00
43275Brian Ballinghall51.13
44217Malcolm Tierney51.54
45222Allyson Byers52.11
46257Stewart Hunter52.15
47309Kirsten Macleman52.19
48265Anil Nayar52.34
49225James Gilmour52.43
50206Scott Murdoch52.54
51294Carol Thomson53.14
52237Ross Jackson53.30
53276Bill Mccartney53.59
54262Michael Abram54.25
55244Diane Gray54.46
56263Robin Abram55.10
57284Kenneth Barr55.18
58295David Stewart55.38
59205Malcolm Clark55.47
60306Erin Stringer56.05
61272Sally Mccartney56.11
62268Shona Farley56.32
63308Brian Graham56.48
64277Jamie Beacon56.51
65232Charlie Ingham57.16
66301Laura Blackwood57.24
67230Matt Blackwood57.25
68313Barbara Walker57.40
69220Jacqueline Leiper57.55
70221Michael James57.59
71254Lisa Taylor58.07
72302Michael Daniel58.08
73214David Hipkiss58.11
74261Andy Paterson58.18
75231Alistair Briskham58.23
76255Colin Brady58.35
78203Peter Dickie58.38
79305Shonah Thom58.50
80288Michael Mcconellogue59.17
81246Beth MacLeod59.28
82287Suzy Mcpherson60.08
83270Fraser Anderson60.58
84264Catrina Houston61.15
85247Karen Luke61.19
86248Chris Reilly61.19
87236Lesley Jackson61.49
88210Sophie Scott62.32
89209Wendy Davidson62.33
90212Liz Shand62.35
91211Lisa Stringer62.35
92235Craig Dodds62.56
93304Lynn Shearer63.28
94282Gillian Miller63.57
95307Wendy Russell65.42
96216Linda Tierney66.21
97223Sheona Fulton66.43
98224Susan Hunter67.00
99233Julie Hardy68.45
100285Linda Moir69.46
101279Malgorzata Kowalik70.01
102278Michelle Gaughan70.30
103281Sarah Milne70.39
104280Mike Sudworth70.39
105296Yvonne Calvert74.24
106298Lynsey Preston80.22
107274Stefanie Keir81.01
108228Christine Rathbone85.42
109227Karen Barr85.42

1st overall

Paul Monaghan


2nd overall

Cameron Watson


3rd overall

John Hammerman


1st male

Paul Monaghan


2nd male

Cameron Watson


3rd male

John Hammerman


1st female

Ruth Fraser Moodie


2nd female

Elaine Eadie


3rd female

Vivian Millar


1st Under 18

Cameron Watson


2nd Under 18

Erin Stringer


1st Over 60

Alistair Dunlop


Best team

Inverclyde Acc.


Highest sponsored individual

Peter Dickie



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