Community Champion Award

Nominate one person, per year, for a Community Service Champion award

Community Service Champion Award

RI Manual of Procedure 2016 highlghts the “Guiding Principles” which were adopted at the 1923 Convention in St Louis. The salient points  are as relevant today as they were almost 100 years ago and our community servce is built upon these principles.


1.        Rotary is a philosophy of life that undertakes to reconcile the ever present conflict between the desire to profit for one’s self and the duty and impulse to serve others. The practical ethical principle “he profits most who serves best”

2.        It is desirable that every Rotary Club sponsor a major community service activity each year. That activity should be based on a real community need. And whilst publicity should not be the primary goal of a Rotary club in selecting that activity, as a means of extending Rotary’s influence, proper publicity should be given to a worthwhile club project well carried out.

3.        In all its activities a Rotary club acts best and is most successful as a propagandist. A Rotary club discovers a need, but where the responsibility is that of the entire community, does not seek alone to remedy it but awakens others to the necessity of the remedy, seeking to arouse the community to its responsibility so that the responsibility may be placed not on Rotary alone but on the entire community where it belongs.

4.        RI, although it may study, standardize, and develop such activities as are general and make helpful suggestions regarding them, should never prescribe nor proscribe any community service activity for any club.

If you can let us know what your club is doing in your community that fits with the above we can give recognition and share best practicw too.

Clubs can also nominate one person or group each year for a Community Service Champion award; Which is a great way of recognising the hard work that a member of the club has put into their community service.

The recipients of these awards throughout the year will be considered at the end of the year with one person being awarded "District Community Service Champion" which will be awarded at the District Handover.

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