Financing and Club Involvement

How the collaboration with DofE works

Many Rotarians are wondering how the collaboration with DofE is being funded, and what clubs can do.

We were successful in getting a Global Grant to cover the costs of the Peace and Conflict Resolution aspects of the project - this forms the Skills and Volunteering part of the Bronze Award - as well as the residential weekend in February there is to be a follow up weekend from 26th-27th May at Wiston Lodge near Biggar. Not all of the youngsters on the project are able to attend the residential weekends. District Peace Officer Jean Best and her team of Peace Project Facilitators are intending to deliver some training to them at their local DoE Centres.

The Physical and Expedition elements are being funded by Club contributions and a District Grant. Over half of our Clubs - at present 34, but I still hope some more will want to be involved - are supporting nearly 50 at risk and marginalised youngsters as they progress to a Bronze Award.

The project is exciting in that we are bringing Foundation home and are doing something positive to help disadvantaged youngsters in our communities. The DoE also see the project as innovative in that it helps young people with complex issues improve the lives of others in their community.