Rotary E-Club of West of Scotland

D1230 Rotary E-Club


Rotary E-Club of the West of Scotland

Rotary Eclubs are just like traditional Rotary Clubs, however rather than having a set meeting time and place the members can get involved when convenient to them.

Our brand new Eclub is providing an alternative for Rotarians who, for whatever reason are no longer able to attend their own Club’s activities. It is also a chance for those who have not yet been introduced to Rotary to dip their toe in the water, feel the warmth of the welcome and the vast range of opportunities it can bring to your doorstep.

Nowadays, work commitments and the pressure on family time means that your free time is precious. It doesn’t mean that you haven’t got the time or inclination to get involved, it means that you have got your priorities right.

For us, family and work always come first. Any time that you can spare to devote to Rotary must be used wisely and be fulfilling. We want your help where it is most needed - on Rotary projects.

Our Eclub meets online, using social media and state of the art video conferencing. Members login and contribute when time permits. We do hold short video conferences twice per month that we encourage you to join, and we try to get together every couple of months either for a social activity or to work on a service project (yes, the children are invited too!). If you can make it you will be very welcome. If work or family life gets in the way, we understand. We want Rotary to work for you, as well as you - working for Rotary.

If you are a current or former Rotarian who is struggling with work or time pressures or simply want to try a different type of Rotary, or, if you have never been a Rotarian and are interested in joining a vibrant, committed but relaxed group, check us out at:-