District Membership seminar

All clubs should come along and find out new ideas on how to increase and retain members.

We have a membership seminar on the morning of Saturday 14th April at The Gables, Falfield 9.30 for coffee, starts at 10am and finishes at 12 noon.

We’ve already got over 43 participants but we can make room for more. 

The direction the seminar takes will depend very much on what clubs want from us - it’s all very well us believing we know what Rotary needs to do, to move itself forward (and there have been lots of good ideas all over facebook in these past few months), but progress in such matters only happens with the willing participation of the movers and shakers in each of our clubs. 

We’re here to help in whatever way we can and to perhaps throw in the odd nugget which might be useful to you. If you, or someone else from your club, would like to come along, but haven’t said so, then let District Secretary, Chris Firth, know as he’s collating numbers for us.