RotaKids is a great way for youngsters aged between 7 and 12 years old to get together and enjoy working on a fun project.

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Rotary clubs will work with schools to help RotaKids get the most fun and enjoyment from whatever they are working on. The school will benefit from motivated youngsters who are eager to use their Maths and English skills to help others, whilst having a great time in  the process.

 RotaKids will also learn about the importance of citizenship and respecting others, as well as themselves.

RotaKids could work on an environmental project by cleaning up a park or planting trees. They could help raise funds for a local cause by doing a sponsored event or even putting on a show. All it takes is an idea and lots of enthusiasm.

At the end of the project, RotaKids could get a special badge, certificate or even a t-shirt.