Polio Publicity Material

The 24th October is designated World Polio Day and is clearly a great opportunity to gain publicity and raise awareness for Rotary's Polio Eradication campaign. A variety of materials are available to support any activity planned around that time.

This article is intended to provide a focal point to make it easier to find and take advantage of those resources. Of course, there is nothing to stop this material being used for other event throughout the year.

Unfortunately, there are no Crocus Lapel Badges available from the District Foundation team.

The Support Centre at Alcester is a good place to try for pull-up signs, but do bear in mind that there will be heavy demand as the 24th October comes up. Their website does have a lot of useful templates for press releases, leaflets, signage and posters. The Purple4Polio page is in the Members area, so will need you to sign in first. The key items are also available here from the Downloads section without the need to sign-in.

End Polio Now Guernsey Shop - one of the best places for branded EPN merchandise.

End Polio Now Newsletter for Zone 17 - the October edition of the newsletter with some useless current information.

Advocacy - Template letter to send to your local MP - a helpful thank you communication around the UK's recent donation.

World Polio Day Resource Centre

Rotary Global Polio Update (August 2017)

British Polio Fellowship

Global Polio Eradication Initiative - one of the best places for up to date figures

Register your event - a useful way to make your activity known.

Crocus Planting Guide - if you have received your corms and need some guidance.

Note that the latest status of the Polio Eradication is published each week and is usually available on this website within a few days.