Stevenage Lend a Hand Day

Rotary in Stevenage helps clear a garden gone wild

Every year, early on a Saturday morning in April, Rotarians from the Stevenage and Stevenage Grange Clubs, family and friends - plus the odd Corporate helper - gather at Barclay School in Stevenage, to start the Annual Lend A Hand Day - for those not in the know, it's rather like the Scouts 'Bob A Job Week' - but on one day.

This year we completed about 60 jobs for the elderly/infirm - ranging from gardening to painting garage doors, and window cleaning to changing light-bulbs.

One job, because of its enormity, had to be left until last weekend, when five stalwarts returned to undertake the garden clearance of a lifetime. Had this not been done, the owner faced eviction - so Rotary stepped-in, and - as you can see from the photos - said 'Together We Can, Together We Will - and really, Made a Difference!

Alex Lang
Stevenage Rotary
15th June 2018

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