Milton Keynes Swimathon Presentation Night

Prizes awarded and donations made from the £29,000 raised at the annual Milton Keynes Rotary Swimathon held in March

Our 26th Swimathon Presentation kicked off at the Holiday Inn on 26th June (in competition with the World Cup!).  Representatives of the charities for whom we swam mixed with the swimmers who won awards, civic leaders and Rotary members for the pre-presentation buffet and refreshments provided by Holiday Inn.

Opening the proceedings, Sir John Southby explained the background of the event which so far has raised well over £500,000 and thanked the Disabled Swimming Club for their huge contribution over the years.

 The maths:

  • 344 swimmers took part – with sponsors probably over 3,000 people involved
  • they swam over 7,700 lengths
  • included were 33 scouts, beavers and brownies
  • 38 swimmers from Oakgrove, Hazeley and Thornton College took part
  • 46 disabled people and supporters swam at Middleton Pool
  • £29,000 was raised
  • 100 man/woman hours are given freely each year

Cllr David Hopkins who was Mayor of Milton Keynes until recently said a few words about his involvement with Swimathon and presented awards to:

  • Most lengths cup – Sol Services – Summer Burdett
  • Most original name cup – MK Safety Centre (Hazard Alley) – Peter Ballard
  • Most sponsorship team – Demo Demons – Carol Barker
  • Most sponsorship Group Shield – Hazard Alley – Peter Ballard/Rosalind Ainscow
  • Special Achievements Shields
  • Interact – Chloe Fenton and Louise Steen
  • Thornton College/Sol Services – Jamie Burdett and Sophie Whiting

Wendy Egan, Deputy Mayor of Newport Pagnell introduced Jackie Starkey who presented the Wendy Thompson Cup to Sarah Gardner, the Jackie Starkey Cup to Elaine Ruddick and special achievement shields to Melanie Kidd White, Lorraine Hicks, Christine Turner and Zoe Goodman.

Flowers were presented to Wendy and Jackie.

Cllr David Hopkins then presented cheques to:

  • Ride High – Helen Dixon
  • West Bletchley Wellbeing and Counselling Centre – Diana Savage
  • The Daniel Estick Trust – Ian Estick
  • Interaction MK – Diana Hatton/Margaret Rogers
  • MK Food Bank – John Marshall/Caitlin Hands
  • MK Safety Centre – Peter Ballard/Rosalind Ainscow
  • Newport Pagnell Youth Club – Alice Fowle/Debbie Scott
  • Willen Hospice – Nikki Poole
  • MK Bereavement Service – Rebecca Risch

David Gillow, Swimathon Committee Chair, said “We have met tonight some remarkable people; some who have overcome disabilities and many who have made exceptional efforts to make our Swimathon the success that it is.  The hundreds who took part can take huge pride in what they have achieved.  As a result:

  • Vulnerable children will benefit from contact with horses
  • There will be more support for terminally ill patients in their own homes
  • Coverage of memory boxes for bereaved families will be increased
  • More school children will receive safety training in a fun environment
  • A community arts charity will be able to bring more arts to life in MK
  • More bereaved families will receive emotional, spiritual and physical support
  • Children on free school meals will receive lunch boxes in the holidays
  • More counselling support will be provided to residents of West Bletchley and MK”

Carol Barker
Milton Keynes Rotary Club
28th June 2018


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