Rotary Readers (RC Elgin)

The first meetings of The Elgin Rotary Readers Group.


A few months ago Elgin Rotary Club decided to form a book group to add to the fun and fellowship within the Club.    Other Rotary Clubs in the District that already had book groups were very helpful and shared their experiences, as was a local business, Batchen Street Coffee Shop, who offered us the use of their premises for our evening group get-togethers  - this proving to be a very popular venue as their cakes are delicious and the coffees are great.

 At the first meeting, Rotary Readers group members (about 14 of us) shared their reading styles and choices – needless to say we’re quite a diverse group with some being voracious readers and others who would only pick up a book on holiday.    It was agreed to hold informal, but structured, meetings every 6 weeks to discuss the chosen book, and that all members would have their say.  It was also agreed that members would take it in turn, to choose a book for the group or to select a few books which the group could then vote on.    

Having read and discussed Prisoners of Geography (mixed reviews and an unusual choice) and also Grange Abbey (very mixed reviews) we have had some very interesting and enjoyable discussions.  Rotary Readers are all now members of Elgin Library who have been very supportive and have provided a set of our latest chosen book – John Le Carre’s Russia House. 

Looking ahead, we hope that the Readers Group will work alongside other teams in our Club eg Youth/Schools Liaison and International, to promote a love of reading and literacy.