Many Young People Are Missing Out on The Benefits of Being Active and Playing Sport

Chance to Shine is using Cricket to overcome this.

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Children who are physically active are less likely to be obese or develop long-term illness, such as diabetes, as adults. At a time when over a third of Year 6 children are obese or overweight it is more important now than ever to engage children early.


Attending a sport club outside of school time is linked with higher academic and behavioural outcomes in primary school.


There is strong evidence that playing sport is linked to higher self-esteem and confidence, through feeling pride in learning new skills and overcoming challenges.

Mental and Social Wellbeing

People who play sport and are a member of a sport club are more likely to be happy with their lives.  There is growing evidence that sport is associated with lowered risks of depression and greater life satisfaction.  A major public health study found it can protect children who have had difficult childhoods from developing mental health problems later in life.  In a time when children are spending an increasing amount of their free time online, sport provides an important alternative activity that can tackle feelings of isolation and build a sense of belonging.

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