District Conference at Clacton 2006-07

The District Conference returned to 1240 this year, settling on Clacton. More than 650 delegates registered so it appeared to be a good choice. The Town Council went that extra mile in their willingness to make us feel at home. The business and social events all took place in Princes Theatre, apart from the fact that so many people booked for the Saturday Night meal that a second venue had to be employed. We found the two guys on the left in town on Friday night. They had several friends with them too, Stevie Wonder, Sonny & Cher, Jimi Hendrix, Dusty Springfield and an assortment of the 'oldest rockers' in town. Click on the photo on the left to enlarge it. If you want to see some of the other Conference photos Click on the heading above i.e. District Conference at Clacton 2006-07. When through to the gallery click on any photo to enlarge it. You are able to download from the Gallery page enlargements too, you will get a usable jpeg file. If you were at the Conference and have any pics you want to add to the Gallery, email them to me, as a Jpeg please, and I will add them to the file.