The Rotary Club 0f Ashford - Dragon Boat Challenge

Dragon Boat Challenge 2019 - Do something Different to make a Difference

The Dragon Boat Challenge is sponsored by Latimer Homes and Westerhill Homes. The Rotary Club Of Ashford is grateful for their generous support. 

Do you want to raise money for your favourite charity, your school, your club or your charitable organisation?  Do you want to find a way of supporting worthy causes close to your heart?  Then look no further. 

Ashford Rotary Club is offering you the opportunity to do just that whilst having a fun filled day out.  On Saturday 25th May 2019 we are holding our first ever Dragon Boat Race Event at Conningbrook Lakes, Ashford. 

You are invited to form a team to race other teams and raise money in the process.

There will be thrills and spills.  You will probably (well, more than likely) get wet.  It will be exciting and testing.  It will be team building.  It will be an entertaining day out for you, your family and friends.

Are you adventurous and brave enough to face the challenge?

Get together with your family, friends and work colleagues to make up a team.  Share an experience like no other.

Come on beat the drum for those who deserve your support. 

Each team should be made up of 17 people (16 on the paddles and 1 beating a drum to synchronise strokes).  It is recommended that teams have 2 or 3 reserves in case of fatigue or injury.  The minimum age for participants is 16 years but teams can be all male, all female or of mixed gender.


Whilst it will be a fun filled event, its primary aim is to raise money for charities and other good causes.  So it is expected that team members will obtain sponsors.  

Team members are at liberty to champion individual organisations, but it is usual for each team to select just one so that it may receive a significant amount.  Alternatively teams may wish to raise money for Ashford Rotary Club for use in supporting local charities and good causes.


The event will be managed by a professional company (Dragon Boat Events Ltd) who will supply all the equipment including life preservers.  They will brief teams on all aspects of safety, and handling and racing the boats.  There will be safety craft on the lake.  The company will provide someone at the helm of each boat.  The safety of participants is the top priority.


Each team is guaranteed at least 3 races.  These will be timed and the fastest teams will go forward to the knockout stage and on to the final.  A trophy will be presented to the winners. 

It is common at such events that teams dress in some sort of costume or apparel.  This not only makes it easier to identify teams and their charity or organisation but also plays a part in building team spirit.  It’s another bit of fun too.  There is a prize for the team judged to have the “best” attire. 

It is no surprise that such an event costs money to organise and run.  It is usual with such events to ask participants to offset those costs.  So we are asking each team member (including reserves) to pay a fee of £25, which really is not much to ask for a full day’s thrills and entertainment.  

If teams are mainly formed of workmates it is not uncommon for their employer to pay the entrance fees, after all, the event is a real team building opportunity.  So speak to your boss. 

If you are up for the challenge please let us know as soon as possible.  We realise that May seems a long way away but there is a restriction on the number of teams that can take part.  

The sooner you register the better.  Once we have your details we will contact you and complete the paperwork and reserve you a place.

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