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This project is to provide a local Albanian community with their own functioning fire appliance and training. Start of journey to Albania May 2019 from Bodmin.
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Fire Appliance for a Northern Albanian community.


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LATEST:  Day 8 Tues 14th : The team have reached Albania this morning just the last little bit to do. A quick quiz question (wow try saying that three times...) how many tunnels do you think the team have travelled through since they left Germany?
Fantastic news, the sisters (two Fire Appliances) are back together again. It's really satisfying for Bodmin Rotarians, our friends, supporters, and everyone who has provided help and assistance to see this happening. Thank you for your great support. More details to follow soon


Friday 10th May - Day 4.....a long day in the saddle for the team taking the fire appliance to Albania. 360 miles covered through Austria to Slovenia. A minor encounter with the authorities in Austria regarding motorway taxes was soon smoothed out and they are safely in the digs overlooking a ski slope... Hmmm, methinks something is missing lol.
Saturday 11th May - Day 5....A gentle 250 miles covered by the team today getting them to Croatia and a night in Vinjerac. Onto Montenegro tomorrow. Getting closer now

The Team have departed on 0900hrs 7th May - We wish them a safe journey....

<  Welcome to the first update:
The team left sunny Bodmin on Tuesday morning and visited Launceston, Exeter and other places en-route to an overnight stay at Surrey Fire & Rescue Services in Reigate. Our thanks and gratitude go to Ben and the team there who greatly assisted the travelling team. I heard rumours about beer and curry but cannot confirm these – needless to say I think it would be a brave decision to eat curry and then spend the next few days in a confined compartment with others who had done the same!!
Day 2 was a nice easy uneventful day (apart from the rain) from Reigate, via the Chunnel to Aachen just in Germany.
Today (Thursday), they had a bit of excitement early on and needed the assistance of the professionals at Mercedes Benz Aachen. Peter liaised with Yvonne there and the mechanics soon had them on the road again after a bit of fettling. Many thanks Yvonne and team. Thanks also go to Barry Kressinger, at home, who was on the end of the phone whilst I was at work.
I have been told that they have safely reached their accommodation for tonight just outside Nuremberg at Erlangen and that tomorrow’s journey is one of the longest days through the Austrian Alps.



We wish them luck  -  DEPARTURE

Tuesday 7th May 2019 at 0900hrs from Morrisons Car Park, Bodmin. 

All supporters and well wishers please come along and give them a good send off.


25th April 2019 - Latest News:  Final arrrangements are now being made to begin the journey of 2000+miles to Albania - Leaving Bodmin on Wed. 7th May.

A mass of administrative arrangements have been completed,  the driving crew has been finalised, ( Even Team Leader Pete Robinson will be driving !) Work on the Fire Appliance almost complete (Just a shine now needed).  Many extra goodies have been given to be carried in the vehicle (Clothing, books, etc.)

Fund raising will continue, approx. 50% of £4,000+ cost of transit is still to be raised. This does not include the 4 man crew accommodation and return flights, which they as volunteers will fund themselves.

We wish them luck  -  DEPARTURE  -  Tuesday 7th May 2019 at 0900hrs from Morrisons Car Park, Bodmin.  All supporters and well wishers please come along and give them a good send off.


Global Giving pages now complete - Fund raising to cover cost will be arranged in the coming months.

The transit team of five volunteers leave Bodmin on 7th May 2019 and at the moment there is still a spare crew seat on the Fire Appliance.  This seat could be yours for the 2000 miles journey across some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe.

Just get in touch to find out how you can join the team taking this valuable fire appliance (and all the other gear) to a community in desperate need of life saving equipment.

Contact Peter Robinson - Project Leader - Tel: 07971 040383


Report 14th March 2019 - New  'Global Fund Raising' page set up (11th Mar. - 7th April) See link above....
PR reports that arrangements are well in hand for transit journey to Albania to leave on 5th May.  A full crew have been secured - some minor works are still to be done on the Fire Appliance, which is in hand.
Other fund raising to cover £2500 cost of transit has not yet got ant momentum !!
Report 13th Jan.2019  -  GLOBAL FUND RAISING has currently finished and a total of approx. £370 was donated towards a min of £2500 is required which will be funded in other ways.





This project will not only save lives but will give the community a focus on fire safety and prevention -creating employment for the local community will have a positive impact on the local economy and on their individual families.

In August 2017, Albania was hit by one of the worst wildfire seasons in recent times, with fires raging across the country. Authorities said wildfires burned throughout the week, with up to 20 hot spots were seen in one week. During the crisis, their Prime Minister Edi Rama said that all state structures were being used in the emergency, despite the need to have greater firefighting capacities in place and that their capacities remain low in the face of such a serious threat.
During the fires of 2017, the country's Defense Minister said 40 percent of the country's active duty personnel were involved in the firefighting operations and urged people to come together to fight existing fires and prevent new ones from starting. People can only do this if they have the right equipment, the right training and the right support. This project will address this - it will provide the skills and appliance to ensure that the local community is competent in fire defence.
Long-Term Impact
The long term impact of this project is skilling up of the local community to save lives through fire safety practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire - Fire safety measures include those that are intended to prevent ignition of an uncontrolled fire, and those that are used to limit the development and effects of a fire after it starts. An impact upon the local community and families, is that the project will provide employment and have a positive effect on the economy.

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